Experience Chloelina soaps and discover the beauty of one of the world's most wonderful natural skin care ingredients.

The humble fruit whose origins can be traced through millennia and across cultures, olives have been revered as sacred, bartered, awarded to the victorious and proffered as a symbol of peace. 

Chloelina soaps derive their skin-loving goodness from olive oil. True to tradition, our Castile soaps are made from only pure olive oil. Castile soap is the most gentle way to cleanse your skin. So gentle, in fact, it is suitable for babies and sensitive skin.

Chloelina Olive Oil Blend soaps are formulated with a minimum of 70% olive oil and other carefully selected natural oils and butters. Our Olive Oil Blend soaps are well-suited for normal to dry skin types.

Chloelina Scrub Soaps never contain microbeads or anything which might harm our environment and water sources. Instead, we research and source the very best natural exfoliants to work in harmony with our ingredients. Chloelina Scrub soaps are perfect to deep-cleanse pores and remove accumulated dirt and oils which may contribute to black heads and breakouts.


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