Bath and Spa

Bath and Spa

Sometimes we like to cocoon ourselves with things that smell good and make us feel good. Feeling good is a step toward relaxation, and though the spa experience is wonderful, we don't always have a block of time to hand over to travel, parking, waiting etc.

For those of us who can't, we added some of the most popular spa-identical treatment products right here. A long, stressful day?

Try a Chloelina Bath Soak with the soothing scent of Lavender or the uplifting and wildly popular Ocean Breeze.

Your feet work so hard for you, pamper them a little with a Fizzie infused mini-pedi followed by a Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub.

Chloelina Bath and Spa products will get you started with everything you need for an amazing at-home-spa experience.


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