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Carnation Blush Soap
The finest Carnation soap gets its amazing fragrance from pure essential oils. We've captur..
Cedar Castile Soap
Woodsy, smokey and truly masculine. Herbaceous top notes and clean, bark-like base notes give Chloel..
Gardenia Castile Soap
The world's most beautiful flower lends its magnificent fragrance to Chloelina Gardenia Cas..
Lavender Castile Soap
The best lavender castile soap starts with olive oil and pure lavender essential oil. Crisp and as..
Lemongrass Citrus Scrub Soap
If you love citrus, real citrus not an overly sweet scent with a hint of citrus, Chloelina Lemo..
Ocean Breeze Castile Soap
Emerald waves breaking along the New York coastline, sandy dunes dotted with whispering beach g..
Orange Rosemary Gardener's Scrub Bar
Orange peel, rosemary leaves and poppy seeds whirled into a blend of olive oil, coconut and castor o..
Rose Garden Olive Oil Blend Soap
The soft, light, rose scent of Chloelina Rose Garden Soap is delicately fresh, as if&..
Summer Woods Castile Soap
Chloelina Summer Woods Castile soap with its masculine scent will transport you to th..
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Unscented Castile Soap
Keeping with tradition, nothing is added to our unscented Castile soap. Each bar of Chloelina C..
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