Gardenia Castile Soap


  • Lightly seductive, highly floral but not overbearing.
  • 100% olive oil Castile soap

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The world’s most sensual flower lends its magnificent fragrance to Chloelina Gardenia Castile soap.

Deeply redolent of the tropical paradise from which the flowering shrub hails, we simply could not resist this true Gardenia fragrance.

  • Lightly seductive, highly floral but not overbearing.
  • Pair it with Chloelina Hand and Body Lotion for silky smooth skin and lingering fragrance. 4 ounce bar size.

We think you will agree, this must be what Heaven smells like. Chloelina Gardenia Castile soap derives its fine, silken lather from pure olive oil.

Ingredients: saponified olea europaea (olive) oil, fragrance oil.

Bar size : 4 ounces.


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