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    Recipe for a Delicious Merluzzo Dinner

    Merluzzo, or whiting, is a mild-flavor fish that is excellent for baking or frying. One of my favorite ways to make merluzzo is the recipe that follows. It’s easy to prepare and an excellent choice for a vacation dinner or an elegant Christmas eve. Tip: when buying your merluzzo, look closely at the eyes of the fish: they should be clear and glistening to indicate it is very fresh, as pictured below. Ingredients (2) 1 kg or (1) 2 kg whole, cleaned and de-scaled merluzzo/whiting 2 -3 medium potatoes (Yukon gold) 2 large cloves garlic, thickly sliced 1 large shallot or tropea onion, sliced Zest of one large lemon, reserve…

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    Beautiful Ischia

    Slightly less than an hour’s journey by hydrofoil from Naples (Beverello to Casamicciola) the volcanic island of Ischia lies in the Tyrrhenian sea and the northern end of the Gulf of Naples. Ischia and her sister island, Procida comprise the Phlegraean Islands, aptly named as they came into being during the massive Phlegraean eruption. Casamicciola Quiet island living, punctuated by brilliant sun and surrounded by deep blue seas and sky. Thermal waters are found throughout the island and you should not miss the opportunity to visit one of the spas, gardens or hotels for the experience. Just before the high-season, in mid-June, Ischia is at a quiet hum- the last…

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    Dress with Intention

    When I get up in the morning, I choose my clothes with care and begin mental preparation for the day ahead. This simple task helps me to dress with intention. It’s making an important distinction- I’m choosing to put myself in the frame of mind to be purposeful. Ready to focus, accomplish my daily work and activities. Putting your best foot forward starts with putting effort into your attire. It is not about dressing to impress others or seek attention. It’s about feeling comfortable and confident in yourself- dressed for success with dignity. Present yourself as you wish to be seen The old saying: ‘Clothes make the man or woman’…

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    Bio-actives in Skin Care

    Bio-actives is the big buzz-word in skin care. If you have no idea what they are, you’re not alone. Most likely you have heard these terms: resveratrol, alpha & beta hydroxy acids, and peptides being tossed around. Biologic active ingredients or bio–actives are vitamins, fatty acids, anti-oxidants, essential oils, phyto (plant) nutrients and polyphenols. Anti-oxidants Let’s see why this group of mostly natural ingredients is important to skin care. Resveratrol, a bit of a tongue-twister but at the top of our list for good reason. This polyphenol is found in grapes, red wine, tea, chocolate, peanuts, blueberries, cherries and cranberries. Resveratrol is what gives these fruits their vibrant color and…

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    Sweets to a Sweet and Flowers to a Flower

    What I remember about Sweets to a Sweet and Flowers to a Flower comes from two people who were deeply in love and remained that way for their entire lives together. A man was a man and a woman, a woman. No confusion, no illusions. Their example sets the relationship bar high -impossibly so. They came from a time that which each passing year, sadly fades further into the distant past of the early 20th century. I can’t help wishing for a life and love like theirs, even with all the hardships they faced: a depression, world war and separation. ‘Sweets to a sweet and flowers to a flower‘ aptly…

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    Garden in Full Splendor

    The hard work of April and May is now bearing fruit- or vegetables and flowers- as the case may be. The garden is in full, splendorous bloom. Fava beans are already 5-6 inches long; the pods shiny, light green. Oddly, the pods are constrained to the mid and lower half of the plant stalks. I see immature flower-pod combinations near the top of the stalk but few are maturing, instead shriveling away. So there is definitely an issue going on, just not sure if it’s due to the previous damp weather and then sudden heat or its an insect. I’m leaning toward an insect issue, but it doesn’t diminish the…

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    Ironing and Pressing, Aren’t They the Same Thing?

    The terms ironing and pressing are sometimes used interchangeably but they are not the same thing. One removes wrinkles and the other is used most often in clothing construction. Some modern fibers have dramatically decreased the need for ironing; knits can be washed and hung on hangers to dry, which greatly speeds the chore of weekly washing and caring for clothes. Natural fibers like cotton and linen -my favorite go-to summer fabric- require ironing to achieve that crisp look. When I put on a linen dress or blouse, it has to be well-ironed and free of wrinkles. As the day wears on, I’m fine with the creases and wrinkles that…

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    The Healing Power of Nature: Wind and Trees

    Walk outside on a windy day. Wind and trees, an exhilarating partnership that is always rewarding. Trees bending to the wind affirms the power of nature. It gives me a sense of grounding, being completely engaged by my surroundings. At the end of winter, still bare tree limbs allow full-sunlight to the ground below, giving the wind center stage. So different from a windy, summer day that sends green leaves dancing and placing my focus on their beauty. If you are fortunate to walk among white pine or fir trees, you’ll be able to appreciate the soft, swishing sounds their needles make as wind passes through the branches. March Wind…