Unscented Castile Soap

Unscented Castile Soap
Unscented Castile Soap
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Keeping with tradition, nothing is added to our unscented Castile soap. Each bar of Chloelina Castile soap is made using the cold-process method. The transformation of  three ingredients into soap is known as saponification, after which the three separate ingredients no longer exist. Saponification takes place over a twelve to twenty-four hour period, as the soap batch cools, hence the moniker cold-process soapmaking.

Each bar is then hand-cut to size and allowed to cure for a minimum of eight weeks. That's correct, eight long weeks. Why? Because the longer our soap cures, the longer it lasts when you use it and the more your skin benefits from the wonderful, natural glycerin contained in every bar. 

Once you bathe with Chloelina Castile Soap, you'll wonder why you ever used those detergent bars or liquid soap. Our unscented castile is gentle enough for even baby's delicate skin.

Ingredients: saponified Olea europaea (olive) oil.

Bar size : 4 ounces.


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