Chloelina Inspiration

Chloelina means ‘little Chloe’.  Chloe is my daughter and the inspiration for the formation of the company. 

It was around the time she became interested in ‘shiny purses’, ‘noisy shoes’ and things that ‘smell good’ like lotions and weekly at-home-spa treatments which always included the pink polish pedicure. She would sit in the bathroom and we would chat about life while I applied hand lotion or foot cream.

I’ve always leaned toward skin care products that were more natural than synthetic, but it suddenly took on a new importance. My little girl had outgrown ‘baby products’ and I began to research product ingredients- where did it come from? what does it do? why is it in the product?  Nothing I came across was natural enough. Soap had to be pure soap, Castile soap. Lotion had to contain only natural ingredients and still contain proper preservation.

The products had to be real. They had to be authentic, natural products.  For this to happen, I knew our products had to be formulated and created in-house to ensure quality from inception to customer use.

And so, the idea of making products that I would feel comfortable putting on her soft, nearly translucent skin was the driving force behind the formation of the company.

That beautiful little girl is now a stunning young woman who continues to inspire The Chloelina All Natural Soap Co. to develop products that will help protect and care for every woman’s God-given beauty. 


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The Winter Skin Survival Kit