We believe that it is important to maintain and promote traditional, artisanal methods.
Whether it is producing a bespoke garment, or practicing the intricate and pain-staking art of lace making, through hours of handwork, weaving and threading individual gossamer strands into a breathtaking masterpiece to rival that of Bernini.

Experiencing the rewards of growing heirloom fruits and vegetables and then jarring them summer-fresh, to be enjoyed later in the cold months of winter, still at their peak of flavor.
Participating in the annual pressing of grapes for wine-making, using techniques which have been passed down through families for generations.

And, of course, soapmaking, using the same methods which can be traced back for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and across cultures.

The rapid-fire pace of the age in which we live brings many wonderful advances but also an urgency to preserve the rich cultural traditions and skills of our past, many of which are passed down verbally or through the careful tutelage of respected elders.

We believe it is worthwhile to maintain the connection to a simpler, but perhaps, richer time when hand-crafted was highly sought after and valued. All of our products are formulated with this philosophy in mind.

Come, live an authentic life with us…

Our Mission

To provide all-natural soaps and natural skin care products which reflect our philosophy –live an authentic life. It means using pure olive oil to make our Castile soaps, using sustainable oils such as coconut, castor and jojoba to provide lots of bubbles and lather for our blended soaps, not by using detergents or synthetic additives.

We strive to maintain 98-100% natural ingredients in our lotions and creams as part of our philosophy. That 1-2% is the need to adequately preserve and protect the product against micro-organisms and bacteria.

To achieve this we use naturally-derived, Eco-cert approved preservatives which incorporate hurdle technology. This means the preservatives we use protect the lotion or cream in much the same way the bacteria lactobacillus, which gives us yogurt, keeps all other bacteria from finding a home in your lotion. This is an absolute for us, we will not compromise the integrity of our products.

We do not hide our preservative ingredients under ‘fragrance’ in an attempt to disguise their use. All of our preservatives are paraben-free and non-ethoxylated. The most important role which modern technology fulfills so perfectly at Chloelina, is that it provides the means to ensure a superior quality product without compromising our philosophy.